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As transnational corporations (TNCs) grow more powerful than some nations and dominate the world market, governments favor neoliberal policies. Neoliberalism, a movement toward less government involvement in the regulation of markets, illustrates the push for open markets and free trade by core countries. (Knox, 299) Since the core countries already gained wealth and power, they possess the means to adopt neoliberal policies without the fear of being exploited. Without state intervention, the TNCs form monopolies and outsource labor to the cheapest bidder without concern for the factory conditions. Many allege social goals and standards must be abandoned for the profitability of business. (Knox, 299). Others claim making the markets open and…show more content…
The consumers, not the citizens, hold the power to change corporations. With neoliberalism, states lack control over corporations. If the citizens of a core country protest, the state would have violated their policies by placing regulations on business. Likewise, if the citizens in a third world nation objected against the TNC, they risk losing their jobs and the opportunity for continued income. If the factory workers unionize and revolt, the company will just move to another third world country to avoid spending more money to end the rebellion. (Allen, 20) Conversely, the consumer can refuse to buy products made under unjust conditions, which forces businesses to change to maintain profits. For example, Nike was losing profits from protests and boycotts. After they were forced to lay off workers, they realized that they needed to change. This change created an example for other TNCs by establishing a department to enforce a code of conduct for the outsourced factories. These codes of conduct indicate the positive intention of the…show more content…
The consumer must be aware of what they are buying and how this affects the planet. By making the consumer more aware, they will be able to make decisions on which transnational corporation to endorse. To empower the people of core countries, the friction of distance must be decreased. Many believe that since they are far away from the people in the sweatshops that it does not affect their everyday lives. However, everyday one uses something that was made in an overseas factory without thinking about it. If the cognitive distance between the workers and the consumers were diminished, the consumer may think twice about what they are using. Another way to save the planet would be to endorse conservation efforts. By reducing the amount of deforestation, carbon emissions, and improper disposal of chemicals, the effect of climate change can be hindered. (TALK ABOUT THE ONE
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