Neolithic Revolution: The Beginning Of Civilization

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The start of agriculture during the Neolithic Revolution led directly to the beginning of civilization. The Neolithic Revolution, which happened 10,000 years ago, was the shift from hunter-gathers to a food-producing culture meaning humans started to farm and domesticate animals. This was the catalyst to help create civilizations. We know now how to distinguish groups of humans from actual civilization if those groups have certain characteristics. Those characteristics are complex institutions, record keeping, advanced cities, specialized workers, and advanced technology. A result of the Neolithic Revolution is that more people were able to thrive since there was a surplus of food. These early civilizations were able to take advantage of the rivers and create irrigation systems to water their crops. …show more content…

Another effect is that villages could start to settle down and constantly move each time resources started depleting. A third result is that villages would work together to create irrigation systems and tools. They would do this to make their lifestyle easier and spend more time on more important things. In addition, civilizations started to have specialized workers like priests and artisans owing to towns had a surplus of food so not everyone had to focus on farming. Not to mention, towns were able to create complex institutions like government, religion and social classes due to everyone's needs shifted as food wasn't a big issue. These civilizations needed to create writing systems to not only write history but also to keep track of loans and debts, food supplies and religious things. The Neolithic Revolution was a turning point in human history that has impacted us till this day and will continue to impact us considering it is when humans were actually able to make and grow

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