Net Neutrality : The Internet Should Have Unlimited Access To The Internet

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Net Neutrality Net neutrality is the reason millions of Americans have unlimited access to the internet every day. Net neutrality is the belief that the internet should be an open place where all data is treated equally. No specific website should be allowed to have priority over another. No internet service provider should be allowed to give priority to a specific website versus another. A simple example of how getting rid of net neutrality is this. If an internet provider wanted to start prioritizing specific websites, a company like Netflix could pay them to do so. If Netflix pays the internet provider a specific amount of money to be prioritized over competitors, then anyone who is trying to access the competitor's website will have a slower connection. The connection of the competitor's website could be slowed down or “throttled”. This not only hurts the competitor. It also hurts the consumer. When a large company like Netflix has to pay an internet provider to prioritize their website, the amount of profit Netflix will make per subscription will go down. This will result in subscriptions for Netflix to go up in price. This is what is called “paid prioritization” Another issue with getting rid of net neutrality is packaging up the internet just like cable. When someone wants to get a cable subscription they can choose which channels they want to watch by selecting different packages. Each package has a certain cost on top of a normal cable fee. This is what internet
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