Netflix Case Study

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The Big Red Monster vs. The Theatres The arrival of Netflix and other streaming services have had an enormous impact on the Television and Movie industries. With these changes that have happened comes drastic opinions on economic utility. Economic utility is the amount of satisfactory a customer is granted from a product or service. On one hand you have the customer that would rather stay home and watch a movie on Netflix. On the other hand you have a customer that would go to the theatre to watch the newest movies. These are the movies that people on netflix can’t experience yet. In this project I am going to discuss the impact that Netflix has had on the movie and television industries. There are four different variables of economic utility that have evolved with the arrival of Netflix. These include product form, time, place, and product possession. First off, I’m going to talk about the impact the movie industry had on economy before the arrival of Netflix. Before Netflix, movie theatres had different competitors. Some of these include sporting events, restaurants, and clubs. People would have to decide what they wanted to do during their free time. One of the economic utilities that was very different before Netflix was place. Unless people were using the internet to watch videos they would have to go to the theatres or rent a movie to take home. They were not able to just pull up the Netflix app and start watching a movie. Before there were few options for actually

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