The Marketing Plan For Netflix

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Current situation Introduction to the Company Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997 and was originally based out of Scotts Valley California. The business model that they were working towards was to create a company that would offer online movie rental service made available by streaming media as well as DVD’s that could be ordered online and delivered to the customers’ homes. (Wheelen, Case 12). Netflix had a strategic plan to undercut the competition in an effort to stress the market and force weaker competition out of the field. This was a very successful plan and over a period of years it was able to force the closings of most of its competing market to include the mega giant Blockbuster video. Using a business…show more content…
Adhering to its organizational mission, Netflix was able to, over a period of about a decade, force almost all of its competition out of the market. This was the culmination of meeting its set Goals. Netflix core values seemed to evoke a very negative response by the general public at large. Consumers found their ethical means of climbing the corporate ladder abhorrent. This was damaging to Netflix for a period of several years causing investors, consumers, stock holders and product distributors to refuse to continue a business relationship with them. The core strategy for Netflix was to grow their streaming subscription business both domestically and globally. Its stated goal was to continuously improve its customer experience, with a focus on expanding its accessibility of its streaming content, and striving to enhance its users interface. This has been met as to recent by the availability of devices that users can use in the home that will allow direct access to Netflix streaming content directly from Smart TV’s and DVD players. Netflix is continually expanding and extending its streaming service to include services to new streaming capable devices as they are offered on the market while working to do so within the parameters of its consolidated net income and operating segment contribution profit targets. (Netflix) Netflix claims honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and

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