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Netflix | Strategic Analysis (Nov 2007) | | Netflix, the online subscription-based DVD rental service aimed to better satisfy customer in a way competitors didn’t, customized and personalized service with unlimited monthly rentals from a great variety of film offerings. Now they want to leverage their strengths to enter into the Video on Demand market | | | 9/18/2009 | | 1 1 3 3 6 7 Table of Contents 1. Netflix Strategic Analysis 2. Netflix vs. Blockbuster: Comparative assessment of strategic differences 3. Netflix Competitive Advantage 3.1 Home video industry - Positioning Perspective 3.2 VRIO Perspective 4. Video On Demand (VOD) – Strategic Advantage i 1. Netflix Strategic Analysis Netflix, …show more content…

2 Blockbuster was too confident in their brand and their reach that failed to see the threat from the online rental business, meanwhile Netflix took advantage of their slow entrance to build a market and leverage on growing technology (DVD) that took off really quickly. The strategy canvas shown in Figure 1 captures how Netflix’s strategy differs from Blockbuster’s and their areas of differentiation. Netflix shifted their focus to alternative new offerings, building on critical success factors that could not be matched by Blockbuster, even when they entered the online video rental. Figure 1. Strategic canvas of home movie rental 3. Netflix Competitive Advantage 3.1 Home video industry - Positioning Perspective 3 To understand Netflix’s positioning in the home video industry - offering of movies in the comfort of the home - it is useful to employ Porter’s 5 forces framework to identify the gap they are filling and their strengths and weaknesses. Threat of Entry: To be able to start up a home video business would require a significant investment capital. Although the required capital for infrastructure could be medium to low (open a store and do minimum amount of marketing), it could be expensive for new entrants to invest

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