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1.3 SECURE ROUTING IN MANET This thesis primarily focuses on the safety problems from a network layer perspective. As mentioned in chapter 2, many routing protocols for MANETs exist although none of them address the foremost necessary issue, namely, security. So as to review the attacks and threats, and to plot a protocol that addresses them, an understanding of the operating setting is required. [10] The setting may be a managed setting, wherever a typical trustworthy authority exists like a RADIUS server or it may be an open setting wherever there’s no a priori trust relationship between the nodes. [04]For example in a very field of battle , the nodes have a typical trust authority that executes the key management functions. …show more content…

Most of the attacks represent square measure targeted on the on-demand and reactive protocols like AODV, DSR, etc. The subsequent sections inspect these attacks in additional detail. . Figure 1.3: Classification of attacks on MANET routing protocols 1.5 ATTACKS EXPLOTATION MODIFICATION In this variety of attack, the protocol fields of the messages passed among the nodes is changed, there by leading to traffic subversion or Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. The subsequent sections discuss a number some of these attacks [03] (a)Redirection by changed route sequence numbers: This attack is feasible against the AODV protocol. Take into account the network shown in figure 1.4 [13]. If M could be a malicious node that overhears the published RREQ packet for the destination X originated by S, then it sends a false RREP packet with a extended route to X (adding itself to the list) and a bigger destination sequence range than that last publicized by X. This may create S to route all its packets through M, since M advertises a fresherman route to X. [17] (b)Redirection with changed hop count: This kind of attack is targeted against the AODV protocol during which a malicious node will increase the possibilities that they are enclosed on a new created route by resetting the hop count field of a RREQ packet to zero. [17] Figure 1.4: Example of MANET with a malicious node [13] (c)Denial of Service with

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