Network Design Essay

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3 General Ideas:
The three general ideas which are interesting to my preference would be,
• Network Security
• Network Architecture and
• Artificial Intelligence
1. Network Security:
Keeping a network secured is always mandatory because information cannot be share by a person who is unauthorized and network security is an advanced procedure where it will prevent possible access or misuse of information on network or modify any data on the network without having an access to it. There are several ways of network security by which a network can be secured.
The three sub-areas which I have selected in Network Security are,
Data Loss Prevention: Any company which has a network and few work stations which work on this network should make sure …show more content…

So, NAC (Network Access Control) is the process which will be giving limited access depending on their designation.

2. Network Architecture:
This is one of the most important phase while creating a secured network. Network architecture will discuss the design of network which has both software and hardware connectivity along with process of transmission and communications in both wired or wireless networks. There are few topologies (star, bus, loop or mesh) and types of networks (LAN, WAN or MAN) which are to be considered and then need to work on the architecture accordingly.
The three sub-areas which I have selected for Network Architecture are,
Planning of Network Design: A proper planning of a network design will always lead to better results. Planning should be done in such a way that network should always run properly and should be secured 24/7. Strong firewalls and updated components are to be picked for proper planning of network. There should always be a space in network so that we can either expand or add few more components to network which will make network even more big. Blueprints of networks must be made prior to network design because they are the ones which will be helpful in designing the actual network.
Data Transfers within the network: Making sure that data is

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