Architecture of a Network Layout

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1. A description of the fundamental configuration of the network Architecture.

The architecture of a network layout shows a detailed view of resources and a across-the-board framework of all the resources accessible to the organization. The networks physical layout is influenced with security in mind. Things to be considered are, where the servers are to be placed, firewalls and other hardware components. This includes the types of devices, printers, routers and other peripherals, including table decisions and other hardware component parts useful communication. The access method topology you use determines how and where the physical wireless connections need to be placed as well as what protocols and software rules will be used to regulate the network architecture. Network architecture in most scenarios is developed and organized by a network administrator. A larger network would require coordination with network design engineer. A network architect needs many areas of experience to determine will the network be wired or wireless. Other areas to consider are,will the network be classified as a LAN, MAN or WAN. The best topology needs to be decided based on the equipment layout, such as star, loop, bus, mesh, etc; .The network architect needs to put direct rules for security, recognize and prevent potential problems, and document everything done. The first and most important item to be addressed is to set goals to work within a given budget while designing the most

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