Network Virtualization And The Virtual Network Essay

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Nick Dispenza Research Paper Professor Lee Overview Network Virtualization Network virtualization is a technology, which enables combining computer network resources into a single platform appearing as a single network. In this form of virtualization, all hardware and software in the virtual network appear as a single collection of resource. The goal of network virtualization is to provide systems and users with efficient, controlled, and secure sharing of the networking resources. The product of network virtualization is the virtual network. Virtual networks are classified into two broad types, external and internal. External virtual networks consist of several local networks that are administered by software as a single entity. The building blocks of classic external virtual networks are switch hardware and virtual local area network (VLAN) software technology. Examples of external virtual networks include large corporate networks and data centers. An internal virtual network consists of one system using virtual machines or zones whose network interfaces are configured over at least one physical NIC. Those network interfaces are called virtual network interface cards or virtual NICs (VNICs). These containers can communicate with each other as though they were on the same local network, effectively becoming a virtual network on a single host. How is network virtualization similar to server virtualization? Well, for one thing they are very similar conceptually. On a

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