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a. LAN
b. MAN
c. WAN
MAC- media access control
#5 WAN wide area network
#7 Topology- the architecture of a network
#9 D. token-ring hub
#11 hub- broadcasts the data it receives t oall devices connected to its ports
Switch- forwards a fram it receives directly out the port associated with its destination address
A. frame size
#15 64 and 1518 bytes
#17 organizationally unique identifier- the first 6 digits of an address which are used to indicate the vendor of the network interface.
a. 00-C0-4F-49-68-AB: dell computer
b. 00-0A-27-B7-3E-F8: apple computer inc.
c. 00-04-76-B6-9D-06: com corporation
d. 00-00-36-69-42-27: ATARI corporation
#21 TCP/IP transmission control protocol/ internet protocol
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This gives hackers more time to crack the encryption.
Advantages of WPA over WEP are:
Length of IV (initialization vector) is now 48, comparing to WEP’s 24. This gives you over 500 trillion possible key combinations.
IV has much better protection with better encryption methods. This is prevention of reuse of IV keys.
Master keys are never directly used. Better key management. Impressive message integrity checking.
#33 The SSID (or Service Set IDentifier) names and identifies a wireless network,
It is something that access points broadcast to client devices to announce the presence of the access point.
The SSID denotes the name of a network on a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), and could be any name up to thirty-two (32) characters in lenght.
For security reasons, broadcasting of this SSID is commonly turned off on some routers.
#35 the IP addresses are handled by by the router which will give a private IP address this allows all home computers to have access to the internet. NAT translates the private IP address to a public address for routing over the internet.
#37 a VPN establishes a secure network connection and protects the LAN’s data from being seen by outsiders. The VPN connection enables a remote or mobile user to access the network as if they were actually at the network, the connection is encrypted providing privacy for the data packets being transmitted.
#39 a port number tracked with the client computer’s private address when
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