Neuromancer a Book Written by William Gibson

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The book “Neuromancer” was written in 1984 and it has blown away the thought barriers with the author’s technology implementation. It was written by a well-known author that goes by the name of William Gibson. In the book we find ourselves in a futuristic Japan where arcades, hacking, drugs, sex, violence, splicing, and technology has taken over. This is not the Japan we know today, or is it?
In today’s world Japan is very much up there with technology. The way the author describes technology is very plausible when comparing to recent times. With his words he is able to manipulate our minds into thinking that this is actually can happen. Starting off with “RAM” (Random Access Memory) which is used today in every computer. Case the main character tries to sell three megabytes of RAM which is a hefty amount of memory. The author also talks about other components that can be found in a computer such as a HDD (hard disk drive), and how they work together with RAM. Gibson pushes the boundary when talking about splicing or how people can get into other people’s minds, and actually feeling their pain. Other technology such as extended nail blades that Molly has is also hard to grasp. Questions such as “How long are they?” or “How can those fingers actually hold a blade since they have joints?” cross our minds. These are just two types of technologies out of many that are mentioned in the book, and that can be questioned as well. This does not mean it is

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