Never Let Me Go Dystopian

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Our adaptation is based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go (2005) which follows the story of a clone called Kathy, who’s reminiscing the past relationship she has with two of her best friends, Tommy and Ruth. Moreover, the story is established in a dystopian society where their only purpose is to be donor’s givers. For our project adaptation, our aim is to embrace deeper into clone’s perspective. At this moment, clones already had a clear awareness of what would happen to them, however resistance amongst clone’s is rising for the first time. Nevertheless, their key arguments are that clones deserve to share the same platform as humans. Furthermore, the choice of medium that was chosen to present this artifact is a multi-stage medium, but then …show more content…

In addition, this is alleviated by being in the same universe as the novel. Admittedly, we believed that this would promote the issues of clones further, as in the novel, not once did the clones showed signs of resistance to humans. However, in our adaptation, we are demonstrating a situation when clones finally stood up to criticize the original ideal of clones being donor’s giver. Likewise, these ideals ties in with our SF generic conventions of birth. Those who try to pursue birth in an unusual invention that has distorted the nature will be punished. Humans who try to pursue unnatural attempts to create a life that shares a similar resemblance to humans, but put them through torture and death instead. Therefore, we believe that our medium is both effective and affective since it demonstrates one of the first time that clones are unafraid to stand up for what is right. Since our target audience is humans, this is an appropriate method to educate students of newer generation about the situation that is happening to clone’s society. In the same way, we are communicating to humans directly which we believe is one of the influential tools of levitating a voice. Within this experience, humans are encouraged to feel strange and unpleasant, but this is essential to our goal. So, our audience realizes that these issues exist and there is …show more content…

These criticisms can be separated into two distinctive parts. First, our book only viewpoints from one perspective which are from the clones and this could potentially create bias from clone’s. Above all, book is a suitable method of raising a current issue, but it works best if it had a two-sided argument. Thus, it supports your credibility and engage your targeted audience actively. Second, our audience believes that the cover would be too frightening to kids, which I believe is true. Consequently, it is important to consider the type of audience, we are specifically targeting instead of aiming for every age group. Undoubtedly, each age group and markets function differently, therefore our product should appeal to them as much as possible. For instance, the religious imagery might scare some off. Unquestionably, it is vital that people pick up our book or else humans would not recognize the pain and loss that the clone’s community has

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