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The New Business Model: Rough Draft Many of people have dreams of owning they own business but Choosing a new Business Model can be fun in hard work it will have hard times ,but a lot of rewards .Between getting to be wealthy in rich or just have a great name in the world like some small business or large business’s owners. All it depend on is what your business got to offer.
Having a Business Plan is the first step to a great successful business all it take is just an copyright document that help clarifies in details on what your business is base on in how much cash you will need in what kind of marketing in adverting you will be doing for such projects and using business venture what kind of license you will be filling such as a …show more content…

As I see as a human we all want to have a successful business but it take hard in a lot of responsibility in you have to try number of different way of owning a small businesses. Sometime you have to do what you have to do to have a successful business that the object of become a module business owner going out the way to be all you can be .Sometime you have to ask for help from people but that how other rich people that was poor started like Donald trump, bill gates in more other successful people.
Like the guy who come up transportation system program they came up with a supporting new business model “that being taking over is transportation business such as LYFT in UBER, ACCESS in other program they being taking over city’s across the global the article talk about how transportation is needs it in it increasing ever year making the supply of the vehicles go hybrid to support the transportation system. In that why the best business to start with money is sale in cars new business models for hybrid firms is also high but it saving on gas in more. Because a lot of people take the bus still or carpool to work or just call a taxi but in LA I see people used hybrid cars to go to work. Now in days because all the traffic

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