New Connections, Wireless, And Wireline High Speed Broadband Users

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New connections include wireless, and wireline high speed broadband users. Revenue for wireless segment increased 7% in first quarter on 2014. First quarter of 2014 was the best first quarter for the company in terms of increase in postpaid. Revenue for the wireline segment declined by 0.4% in 2014 first quarter compared to 2013. Operating margin revenue also declined by 1.1% in 2014 first quarter. The reason for decline price was increased for U-verse and voice revenue declined. Consumer revenue increased in 2014 first quarter by 4.3%. U-verse segment also performed great in the first quarter of 2014. AT&T has 11 million TV and high speed internet subscribers (U-verse) at the end of First quarter of 2014. AT&T holds more paid TV subscribers in competition with other telecommunication companies. Success includes new business initiatives, upgrades, activities including promotions, and strong sales. (AT&T strong first quarter results, 2014). According to AT&T complete history, U-verse has strong capabilities and offers many cool features such as allowing TV customers to watch it on TV, tablet, smartphone and online. They also offer wireless receiver which allows customers to watch TV anywhere in the home without worrying about having TV outlet available.
AT&T went public in March 2000 and IPO made history in 2000 as it was one of the largest IPO. AT&T issued $360 million shares on the trading day at the NYSE. The company raised $10.62 billion by the end of first

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