Rogers Cable

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Table of Contents Situation Analysis 1 The Problem 1 Options 2 Criteria of Evaluation 2 Evaluation of Options 3 Recommendations 3 Action Plan 3 Exhibits 4 Situation Analysis Rogers Cable is the leader in Canada’s cable television market, with a over 2.3 million cable television subscribers and 500000 internet subscribers. In 1993 the Canadian government relaxed the norms of telecommunications industry followed by an application in 1999, allowing local carriers to change the content of the information passing through their networks. This led to increased competition in the market and the customers enjoyed a lot of choice. As such Rogers Cable focused completely on increasing its subscriber base and…show more content…
Also the loss that Rogers Cable could incur as a result of customer erosion should be taken into consideration while choosing an alternative. Coordination among Business Partners The solution to be implemented should felicitate higher coordination among the business partners leading to better information circulation and targeted customer approach, i.e. to make efforts that the same technician handles the same customer. Evaluation of Options Feedback and scorecards and Identification of the technician Coordination among Business Partners: These options are mainly targeted to create a central repository of all the technicians, which could be accessed by all business partners for evaluation and tracking. As such it fulfills the requirement of coordination among the business partners. The cost of implementation of the options: It is found in the survey that 20% customers had had repeat work. Considering 5% as redundant, the customer erosion could be as large as $4.37 million (Exhibit 2). Thus making the investment of $75000 is completely justified. Inventory management system The cost of implementation of the options: It deals with the technicians and the reduction in time of implementation. This leads to better customer service and increases efficiency of the technicians. Also considering a customer base reduction of 5% (Exhibit 2), $1 million dollars will be a prudent investment. Recommendations To initiate a
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