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For the past ten years, Hulu has been among the most competitive online streaming services. Beginning as a joint venture created by 21st Century Fox and NBCUniversal to “distribute their television programming over the Internet,” (Harvard 2017) Hulu has expanded generously, offering the four largest broadcasting networks. In the wake of a new television era, Hulu has the potential to serve as a Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (MVPD). The following write-up includes an analysis of Hulu’s current market standings, including an investigation of growth statistics as well as the company’s overall marketing situation.
Positive or Growth Statistics
In recent years, as a response to price increases in monthly cable bills,
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As an individual who is looking to cut cable and pursue a streaming service, I believe that Hulu’s $39.99 Live Stream subscription, as described in the case, could be a strong supplement for pay TV. Although margins for this offering are predicted to be low, I believe that the development of such a subscription illustrates Hulu’s ability to complete market research and listen to consumers. This package indicated that Hulu understands that consumers want Live TV, but wishes to avoid costly bills and wasted…show more content…
Although competition has begun delving into the realm of original programming, Netflix, Amazon, and HBO have spent millions of dollars to create original content for their subscribers. Hulu should have saved the money allocated to original programming and relied on the content created by the entertainment giants that created it, 21st Century Fox and NBCUniversal. With live streaming subscriptions available, Hulu has already differentiated itself from most of its direct competition. They should have established a stronger position in the brand-new market of alternative live streaming rather than playing catch-up in the well-developed segment of original

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