New Growth And Reform Of China

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New Growth and Reform of China Siyu Sun 1377625 University of Alberta

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Econ 211, Section A, taught by Professor Xu.

Export was the main growth from 1994 in China, but China has new growth engines in recent years. In addition, China has made some reforms in social, politics and economics for a better development. Some people think China did a right decision to get new growth engine and to reform, which can deal with many issues that prevent China from growing better at economy. However, some others against that China changes to a new growth engine and makes these reforms, because China grow faster and faster these years. Thus, this paper will discuss in two parts: one is the origin and reason of export to be main growth in China during past several years, and also what the new growth engine is with its effect. The other is the influence of three reforms for sustained strong economic growth in the future.

New Growth and Reform of China
In April 14th 2011, Professor Hazel, the director of the Center for Global Policy at George Mason University, claimed, “China’s economy begins to shift to a significantly slower and more sustainable rate of economic growth.” This implicates that China has began to find a new patter to economic growth for longer and better development in the future, instead of focusing

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