New Islamic Neighbors Essay

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“Dad, look! There’re new kids moving in next door! Looks like there are four children, I guess we will have new neighbors!” I yelled.
“Sarah, come in now, we need to have dinner.” My dad replied causing me not to be able to see any of the family members. All these questions ran through my mind. Are they nice? Is she pretty? What shul will they go to? Do they keep the laws of the Sabbath? Kosher? What about the laws of Tzniut? There I was at the dinner table, eating as fast as I could to be able to go run outside and meet my new neighbors.
“Sarah do you have any homework?” my dad asked as I tried to avoid that question.
“Dad, you always ask. Have you ever seen a ninth grader not have homework?” I responded. I finished eating and ran outside …show more content…

“If it will keep you asleep then yes, what is it?” asked my older sister, Manahil, desperately wanting to go to bed
“You know those new neighbors, did Daddy ever tell you that they’re robbers?” I asked very scared to hear the answer.
“NO way! They just dress like that because they’re Muslims.” I listened to her answer thinking whatever as long as they’re not robbers I’m alright with that, avoiding the fact that I was clueless about what Muslim meant.
“Get up kids we are going to shul!” said my mother as she woke me up.
“Mom can I stay with Shmuli a little while, and meet our new neighbors please?” I asked my mom hoping for the answer to be yes since the shul was two minutes walking distance from my house.
“No, as a matter a fact I want you to stay away from them.” She said strongly.
“Okay fine, but mom I really don't feel well can I just stay in bed?” I asked, as my mother nodded and put me back in bed. As soon as they were out of sight I got dressed and ran downstairs. I could smell the banana bread fresh out of the oven, it was calling me for breakfast. But, I knew if I didn't hurry my mom would catch me in time. I ran out of the house and took a piece of cake with me to my neighbors.
“Hello, welcome to our neighborhood I am Sarah Cohen I live right next door, our house is always welcome to any of you.” I said very nervous
“Muhammad look at these filthy Jews, I told you this neighborhood was full of them!” the mother yelled as she slammed the

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