New Jersey Community Development Corporation

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Agency Synopsis New Jersey Community Development Corporation, is a non-profit organization based in downtown Paterson, New Jersey. They primarily focus on low-income housing, youth services, and revitalization of Paterson. Their core work and organizational focus is on neighborhood revitalization, positive youth development, education, affordable and supportive housing, the preservation of the Great Falls Historic District, and direct public-policy innovation. For Community Development, NJCDCs main goal is to sponsor resident-led neighborhood planning. They also supply affordable housing by “building and operating housing with on-site social services for individuals experiencing homelessness, people with mental illness and developmental…show more content…
Dynamic Advocacy Model A client by the name of Rick lives in Montclair, New Jersey. His current situation has been created by several economic and social justice issues. Rick currently lives in a two bedroom apartment where his rent is $1,900 a month, his wife has custody of the two children, he lost his job due to testing positive for cocaine, and he is also the sole caretaker of his mother who lives in a nursing home. There are many different obstacles facing Rick, from his inability to pay for his apartment, take care of his children, his mother, or himself. The reason for him not being able to see his children is his inability to feed them, his rent is too high for him to have enough money left over from his unemployment checks which are $1,011.02. He would need to extend his benefits, but, due to changes in governmental policies he cannot. Whether these policy changes are due to budget cuts, or related to his drug test, he needs assistance of some sort in order to prevent him from spiraling into possible depression. He was terminated from his job as a nursing assistant for testing positive for cocaine. He told his Human Resources director that he is not a drug addict and only took the drug once, though this may or may not be the case, they decided to terminate his employment given the importance of his job. Whether or not he is an addict, the question which needs to be asked is whether his termination is
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