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Community Assessment: Paterson, N.J. Matt Schunke Monmouth University Abstract Throughout this paper we’ll be assessing and dissecting the community of Paterson, New Jersey, located in Passaic County. Formerly referred to as an industrial powerhouse that opened many doors of opportunity to the community surrounding it. It added wealth, independence, and economic security to the surrounding areas. The Great Falls and the potential power they generated was the primary cause for this. Alexander Hamilton wanted to construct an industrial city around the Great Falls. He believed manufacturers will increase the power and division of labor throughout the community. These falls were the significant factor…show more content…
Josephs Regional medical center, known for general acute care. It’s recognized as a comprehensive stroke center, level II trauma center, children’s hospital, and regional perinatal center. It has a total of 383 hospital beds; 58 Intensive care unit (ICU) and critical care unit (CCU), 54 OB/GYN, 54 pediatric, and 6 pediatric ICU beds (Department of Health, 2015). There are a total of 16 health care facilities available in the town of Paterson. St Joseph’s DePaul Ambulatory Care Center which is a hospital based, ambulatory care, primary care facility, Eva’s Village: ambulatory and primary care facility, Sall/Myers Medical Associates: ambulatory care and MRI facility, Planned Parenthood of metropolitan NJ: an ambulatory care facility, New Hersey MRI systems: an ambulatory care facility, Paterson Community health dental Van: an ambulatory, primary, and satellite care facility, Barnert Surgical center: an ambulatory care and surgery facility, Accelerated Surgical Center of North Jersey LLC: an ambulatory care and surgery facility, East Paterson dialysis: ambulatory care and chronic hemodialysis, ARA Great Falls Dialysis: ambulatory care and Chronic hemodialysis, New horizon surgical center: ambulatory care and ambulatory surgery, and Paterson Community Health Center: ambulatory care (Divisions of Health facilities, 2014). According to Kangovi., Barg, Carter, & Long… patients with low socioeconomic status use more acute…show more content…
Paterson also ranked 3rd with highest drug attributable criminal arrests with 1,435.90 (New Jersey Chartbook of Substance Abuse, 2013). In 2010 there were a total of 6,092 arrests (New Jersey Chartbook of Substance Abuse, 2013). 18 homicides, 737 aggravated assault, 44 sexual assault, 769 robberies, 1493 burglary, 2330 larceny, and 701 auto theft (New Jersey Chartbook of Substance Abuse, 2013). According to Anakwenze & Zuberi (2013), those living in cities are at greater risk of developing mental disorders than those living in suburban and rural areas. This could be a result of stressors present in the urban environment, such as, crime rates, lack of health insurance, economic status, and living
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