New Mexico: The Invention Of The Atomic Age

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After the first atomic explosion, Robert Oppenheimer quoted the Baghavad Vida and stated “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” From the first ray of light on the day the sun rose twice on July 16, 1945, everyone involved the construction of “The Gadget” knew the world would never be the same. However, New Mexico played a major role in the advent of the atomic age even before the first testing of the Atomic Bomb. The reason New Mexico played a large role in the advent of the atomic age is because Los Alamos is the site of the bomb’s development, the bomb was tested in the remote southern New Mexico desert, and the atomic research in the following years in New Mexico.

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However, the name of the project seemed to divulge too much information about the project, so it soon became the “Manhattan Engineering District” and eventually the “Manhattan Project.” As the project officially began, General Leslie Groves and Robert Oppenheimer, the military and scientific directors of the project, started to search the entire country looking for a secret yet accessible area to conduct their research. Furthermore, Oppenheimer wanted to find an area with serene beauty to inspire his fellow scientists. Percival C. Keith suggested to the men a location in the remote mountains of northern New Mexico. In addition, Oppenheimer knew of the location as well because he owned a ranch in the nearby Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Officially established as Site Y of the Manhattan Project in 1943, Los Alamos soon became an entire city completely hidden from the rest of the world. Originally thought to only house around 30 scientists, Los Alamos soon swelled to a city of over 6,000 residents made up of scientists and their families. As scientists arrived in Lamy, New Mexico via the train, everything from their own family members to their luggage …show more content…

The atomic age created an entirely new field of science studied to this day, and brought about weapons with the ability to change our world in a matter of

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