New School Nutrition: A Dictatorship Essay

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A third grade boy practically skips into class. He can’t wait for after recess when they are going to have their long awaited Christmas party. His mouth waters at the thought of all the yummy candy and cookies to be had. Finally, the bell rings and all of the kids race each other inside, only to find bottled waters and an orange on their desks. This disappointing celebration is the result of the new school nutrition policy that dictates what can and cannot be offered in schools (Beard). With over one third of the nation’s children and adolescents obese or overweight in 2010, something must be done about the health of our kids (Childhood). But this new policy has gone too far and limits many aspects of school life. The policy is too severe …show more content…

Without Coffee House, we would not be able to print our Literary Magazine and lose our principle objective for the class.
In addition, the policy will not only limit school organizations, it will also limit the school board as well. A small drop in student participation in the school lunch program could cause a year end deficit in profit. Already, the USDA has reported a 3.2 percent decrease in the average participation in school lunches. There is also the added cost of retraining the employees to put a strain on the already tight budget for school lunches (SANDRA). In addition, by eliminating all of the à la carte items that don’t meet the absurd new standards would cause some districts to lose up to $100,000 a year (Sheehy). The school boards should advocate for the policy to lighten its restrictions to allow them to keep some of their more popular items and save their budget. The new policy not only calls for restrictions on fat and calories, grains and proteins have also been given weekly limits. Schools will no longer be allowed to serve sandwiches with two slices of whole grain bread every day of the week because it would exceed the weekly grain limit. Also, salads topped with grilled chicken and low fat cheese will be no more since they exceed the daily protein limit (SANDRA). As a result of these outrageous regulations, many students are left feeling hungry and apathetic later in the day (Sheehy). Schools should encourage kids to eat a minimum of grains,

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