New Testament Ussers in a New Dawn in Time from the Old Testament

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New Testament Survey

The New Testament ushers in a new dawn in time, The old testament laid the foundation about God the great creator and Satan the imitator. Humanity at this point had fell from grace, through sin that was inherited from Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were not born in sin, they were created, however after their great fall everyone that preceded after them were born in sin. In reading the new testament one comes to notice that the time of the messiah is drawing near, looking at the old testament you noticed that the old testament points toward a messiah. The new testament is the second half of the library totaling 27 books. The old and the new testament books added together total 66 books, there are other books, but for legitimacy and the fact that they are not present in the cannon I do not refer to these books. I want to express the fact that God had a plan from the beginning for man to be redeemed and that plan would play out the way that it was designed by default. No matter what Satan did to try to foil God’s plan it all worked together for the good of the Lord. When I first began to learn about the bible as an adult I always focused on the negatives of the word and what not to do instead of all of the goodness that the bible has to offer. I limited myself to legalism, that is I was just doing enough to get by, if tithing was 10 percent then that's what I followed. I truly learned that to get blessed you can't abide by just enough to get by,

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