Problems In New York City Essay

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New York City and its suburbs are world-renowned for many things. However, when it comes to bicycle integration with public transportation, New York City lies in the shadow of other cities such as Portland and San Francisco. In these cities, all public buses have bike racks, trains have bicycle storage, cyclists have access to secure parking at metro stations, and safe bikeways provide cyclists with a route to metro stations. All four of these characteristics are needed to foster a bicycle-friendly transit system. However, while New York City excels in certain areas of this criteria, it lacks bike racks on buses and secure bike parking at subway stations. These problems also persist in New York City’s suburbs; however, the suburbs fall even farther behind the city due to their lack of safe bikeways. With careful planning, these problems can be solved. To fix the lack of secure parking at downtown metro stations, I suggest implementing bike lockers at large parking garages in the city. The lack of secure parking at suburban metro stations can be resolved with more bike lockers at city stations that serve suburban commuter routes. For the shortage of bike racks on city and suburban buses, the solution is to simply install more bike racks on these buses. Finally, the lack of safe bikeways in the suburbs can be resolved by building more bus stops closer to residential areas, which will reduce the need for cyclists to travel long distances on dangerous main roads.

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