New vs Old Yankees Stadium

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“The House that Ruth Built” has seen many history-making moments in its 85 years in the Bronx: twenty-six World Series titles, four Major League Baseball All-Star games, two papal visits by John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Now that the Bronx Bombers have ended their 2008 season 8 games out of first place, finishing third behind the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, the old Yankee Stadium will shut its doors (M.L.B. Advanced Media, “2008 Regular Season Standings”). The start of next season will bring extra attention to the Yankees due to the opening of their brand new stadium, located across the street. Their new stadium is just one of many recent parks that have been built. These “new stadiums” change the classic pastime of watching…show more content…
The Yankees plan on opening a Metro-North train stop right at the stadium so that fans from neighboring states can easily arrive and depart the game without dealing with the subway or the street traffic, which takes away from the hustle and bustle of the pregame street activities. This includes souvenir shops, food vendors etc. And finally, the most un-baseball related aspect of the new stadium on the list is the fact that Yankee Stadium will be open year round with clubs, restaurants, banquet rooms, conference rooms and business centers, and will host corporate outings, business meetings, bat mitzvahs, seminars and weddings (M.L.B. Advanced Media, “New Yankee Stadium Relocation Guide”). According to Brian Cashman, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of the New York Yankees, the team has “to be in a position to pursue excellence.” He knows the potential of the Yankee organization, and he feels that the new stadium is the best thing for it. Although many have complained about the destruction of such a historical landmark, Cashman says that the new stadium is just as good, if not better than the old one. He states that the move was necessary because of all the improvements and new stadiums that other teams have made. The opponents all have better “batting cages and health recovery areas” and other key advantages at their home fields, so the Yankees obviously needed to keep up. Cashman feels that the new stadium will bring the community

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