Newborn Screening Case Study

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I think it is extremely interesting the newborn screening programs within the United States vary from state to state. In DC, newborns are screened for 52-55 genetic and metabolic disorders. In your state program screens for_______. The amount of test screened in not the only variation in the newborn screening programs. Informed consent, test result documentation, test results notification to parents or the healthcare provider vary as well from state to state. States screening “programs (45.1%) report only to physicians and require just their name (43.5%), an identification number (17.4%), a letter (26.1%), or a parent's signature (26.1%)… In 74.5% of programs, parents are notified but not asked for consent before collection of the sample; 19.6% neither notify parents nor obtain consent before screening” (Shlomit et al., 2002).…show more content…
The lack of unity in the NBS practices does present some ethical issues. If the informed consent is required before screen is completed, and the consent form binds that the newborns information is place in a public database it may violate the wants of the parent. Often times the consent forms are too dense with knowledge and briefly explain by the unit clerks to the parents (Kenner and Lewis, 2013). What happens if the consent form is required prior to testing, and the parent does not agree with all the legal implications within the form? It forces the parent to adhere to what is outline in the consent form, without much room for negotiation to which could impact them in the future (i.e. public records and health insurance rates) (Black,
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