Newgen Case

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Issues at NEWGEN In this case study, a manager named Abdul has to deal with one of his subordinate named Hahn Chen who problem working along with another colleague has named Amie Lee. Chen wishes to be transfer and report directly to Abdul instead of Ms. Lee because Ms. Lee is not a technical supervisor. This is typical problem between employees that happens often in a working environment. A problem like this often helps demonstrate conflict managing and how good a manager is. The problem Abdul face covers many areas of organizational behavior such as conflict and negotiation, organizational change and stress management, communication, personality and values. One of theories that are covered in this case is resistance of change.…show more content…
Lee position because she does well with many other people. As for Hahn Chen, I would respect his wish but I will only grant him part of his wish. I think it is unwise to transfer Hahn Chen because he is a good software engineer and he is valuable to the team, however I would allow him to report directly to Abdul. On a different scenario, because Abdul is concentrating on the new product development after the promotion of Ms. Lee, he might be too busy to have Chen report directly to him. In this case, I would call up the software engineering team and pick out a person. This person will be someone who is good at communication and able to explain technical things for the nontechnical people. This person will be act as a bridge between the software engineering team and Ms. Lee in order to remedy the situation between Ms. Lee and Chen and also prevent future problem like
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