News Programs Bias And Political Party

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A news programs bias and political party standings can effect what types of propaganda they show of certain candidates. For example, FOX news is a strictly Republican news channel, it supports Republican candidate, meanwhile news channels such as MSNBC and PBS are extremely democratic programs and support Democratic candidates in elections. News programs political bias can affect the way that particular program portrays a candidate for an upcoming election and a candidate’s portrayal can change a voter’s opinion of a candidate and can cause that candidate to lose viewers’ votes. The broadcasting of malicious rumors and gossip in any form by news programs gives a negative conception to a viewer. No viewer wants to vote for a candidate that is portrayed in a way that makes the viewer believe that they are bad for the country. Every viewer needs to take in to consideration the political bias of a news program before changing his or her opinion of a candidate as well as do some research on the candidates of an election themselves. Lastly, the dramatization by news programs today produces a glamorization of crime. News stories on crimes are extremely popular due to the fact audiences’ remembers bad news much easier than good news. Take history for example, much of history is filled with recounts of gruesome murders, wars, and scandals. An estimated 71 million viewers across the country tune in to their local news station’s broadcast (Yanich, 2004, p. 537). It can easily be
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