Newsies Movie Analysis

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Newsies, a classic musical based on the late 1800’s is a very entertaining and family friendly musical-- except for the few profane words. On a cloudy, partially rainy saturday morning, I laid out on the couch and watched the movie from the comfort of my own home. I was hesitant to watch this movie because I am not much of a musical person. About midway through I found myself at the edge of my seat hypnotized by the movie. As the movie drew to an end, I was completely sucked in and waited for something more. The movie I so dreadfully did not want to watch became something I did not want to end. In this movie the director and composer correlated their scenes and music perfectly together to touch the thoughts and emotions of the audience watching.
The Newsies movie is based on a group of young strong hearted newspaper boys that run the streets of New york City provoking newspaper sales just to have some food on the table for them to eat. Every morning the boys wake up early to go buy copies of the latest newspaper before it is all sold out. During a time when nothing media worthy was going on in New York City, greedy media moguls raised the prices of newspapers so they could stay cushioned on top of their business empires; however, raising the prices of newspaper on the boys meant less profit for them. The price raise did not settle well with the boys, and they began a strike to lower the prices. In doing so they earned the name Newsies. As the movie began to conclude, the
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