Newton And Isaac Newton

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Even further, the positivist paradigm was so tremendously powerful that it influenced many social aspects of human history. For example, Isaac Newton is regarded as one of the most prolific figures in the Enlightenment era that helped shift the academic world mathematically, primarily with his three laws on motion and work on calculus. His rigour was like that of Galileo, only bowing to the authority of mother nature. However, beyond his great mathematic influence, Newton helped shift the social realm in a similar fashion to Locke, pushing individuals to employ a scientific disposition to the very aspects of their individual lives. Applying the new scientific method towards personal matters entailed individuals to strive for a higher and refined form of humanity, holding rationality and empirical deduction in the highest regard over metaphysical speculation. Individuals then made attempts to reconcile their character with their refined intellect, rationality and empirical reasoning, in anticipation of who they deemed the ‘Newton of social-science’. This scientific shift brought on by positivist thinkers like Newton and Galileo dramatically influenced every aspect of mathematic and psychological science, including our internal dispositions towards oneself and society.
Positivism, on the whole, essentially looked to decipher the world as a mechanistic entity. Mathematical relations and the determination of ‘facts’ in proposed structures where the salient characteristics of

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