Nicholas Kristof's 'Don T Write Off Men Just Yet'?

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In his op-ed article, “Don’t Write Off Men Just Yet,” author Nicholas Kristof reassures readers that women are not going to take over the world and it is not the end of men. Kristof develops this statement by using statistics from the Center on Education Policy and quotes from people like Henry Kissinger. His purpose is to put rumors at rest about the world becoming predominantly feminine in order to calm readers about a supposed “women apocalypse.” Many feel that everything will turn out terribly, with the men stripped of rights and forced into submission. Kristof scorns all the conspiracies, seeing a bright future ahead for men and women as equals. Women aren’t going to take over the world because they aren’t ahead of men in academics or…show more content…
Girls and boys have similar test scores, and in some places, boys even dominate. In reading, “79 percent of elementary schoolgirls” and “72 percent of boys” can “read at a level deemed proficient” (p.11). The statistics on test scores are almost equal, proving that girls are not forging ahead in education and leaving the boys in the dust. In math, “boys and girls are about equal” (p.11). Many education experts worry that boys are failing, but they have nothing to worry about. Actually, “62 percent of kids who earn perfect 2,400 scores on the SAT are boys” (p.12). So, girls are not only equal to the boys, but boys even lead in some places. If women were to dominate the world, they’d have to be more intelligent than men, and test scores do not prove that. Girls have simply caught up to boys in academics. Just as girls don’t “dominate” in school, women don’t take over the workplace either. Men are likely to work in summer jobs like construction, so dominance will shift “with men predominant in the summers and women in winters.” (p.3). Since the workplace is more or less balanced, there’s no need to worry that because women are excelling, men are getting worse. Women are not taking over the world and the dawn of an era without men is not coming. Women are not going to “dominate” because they are not really “ahead” of men. They are simply working towards being…show more content…
We are simply progressing as a community with the idea that all men and women are created equal, and everyone has the right to excel. Just because women are doing better than before doesn’t mean that men are going to evolve into inferior beings. In fact, girls and boys are about equal in test scores and men and women are somewhat balanced in the workplace. Also, women getting better at their jobs benefits everybody. Overall, women are not going to dominate the world and everything is turning out for the better. Is it the end of men? Not
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