Racial Segregation In The United States

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The racial segregation of American cities proves that racism is a significant issue. Although, thankfully, blatant racism is on the decline, the index of dissimilarity shows that U.S. cities are still very racially segregated. Especially for African Americans. According to the textbook, a large portion of African Americans “remain confined and isolated in racial ghettos, particularly in the northeast and Midwest” (298). Such ghettos reduce resident’s opportunity for success. These residents are socially isolated, and as a result, are faced with unemployment and crime. Additionally, because people in these neighborhoods are “cut off” from the rest of the city, they have access to “poor-quality schools,” and hospitals and have high rates of “infant mortality, substance abuse, and violent crime” (299). With limited access to fundamentals, such as schooling and healthcare, many African Americans and immigrants have limited opportunities to improve there living conditions. Many immigrants, in fact, face the same segregation in American cities as African Americans. “Similar to the situation for blacks, the metro areas with the most Hispanics are also the most highly segregated” the “degree of segregation varies by ethnic group and social class” (306). Changing sentiment in the united states can …show more content…

are women. However, women have come very far in heightening their status in society. An example of this is how many women can be seen in public office and how modern cities have a general lack of gendered spaces. Although there is still room for improvement, in regard to gender issues. For example, women “have had limited success in putting on the political agenda the key issues that challenge male dominance” (312). Despite this, I believe men and women both have fair opportunities to succeed. In today’s age more women are going to college and participating in the work force than ever

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