Nick And Nicole Fischer

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Nick and Nicole Fischer are an Aberdeen-based artist couple who have made a significant contribution to the artistic community and culture of Aberdeen and South Dakota. As Northern State University alumni, they are both fully established as distinct artists and together represent a force and a voice that has already left a mark on the contemporary art world of the Midwest. Throughout the last decade, they have been engaging the local community in a multitude of exhibitions, performances, and educational activities. Their love for one another and their love of art is what binds them and their investigative approach connects their distinctive styles in a common conceptual strategy.

Nick defines, delineates, contours, and extrapolates. His abstract works continue the tradition of analytic cubism, where the
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Breathing within the space of the painting one can feel the touch of the wind and the tickling of the grass. Such a strong suggestion comes from the naturalistic rendition of the subject and the size of the painting. Gaze, need to check the gaze, talk abut meditation to tie with nicole. Nicole utilizes a variety of themes and materials in her artworks. Her mandalas come to life on rough hemp canvases where the color gets absorbed by the thirsty texture. As the fibers need to be fed again and again, the mandala motifs arise shyly to the surface. The traditional method of making mandalas through the patient and repetitive movement of the hand dropping sand on a surface is mirrored in Nicole’s approach to constructing her mandalas, with an evident connection to meditation.
Symbolism is a key consideration for Nicole. Motherhood is a theme throughout her work and is manifested in a fascination with the womb, the recurring depiction of vessels, hip bones, and pregnancy. Historical and contemporary symbols of fertility are often hidden throughout her
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