Nick Carraway 's ' A Sanitarium For Alcohol And Depression '

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In a sanitarium for Alcohol and depression, Nick Carraway writes an account of the Summer of 1922, the summer he spent in New York City and on Long Island with his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom Buchanan, their friend and famous golfer Jordan Baker, and of course the famous Jay Gatsby. Nick rents a house on Long Island in the West Egg, the “new money” types as in the people who earned their wealth instead of having it handed down to them. Nick finds that he lives next to a very famous and mysterious Jay Gatsby. A man never seen or heard from but his parties are the place to be for anyone who is anybody in New York. Nick states that the summer began when he drives over to his cousin’s house for lunch. Daisy lives in the East Egg, where all the “old money” types are, fortune handed down to the next generation. Here is where Tom, Daisy, and Jordan enter the picture. After Nick arrives back home, he is invited to one of the infamous parties thrown by Gatsby. After arriving, he hears countless numbers of stories about this “ghost host” but none seem to match or make much sense, until he meets the real Gatsby, and all is explained. This all sounds like some worn out soap opera a stay at home wife gets addicted to, however, it is actually the plot of F. Scott Fitzgerald 's novel The Great Gatsby written in 1925 and made into two different movies; the Paramount Pictures version of 1974 and the 2013 Warner Brothers version. Fitzgerald created a timeless classic when writing, but…
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