Niels Abel and Some of His Work

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Niels Abel and some of his work Many innovational mathematicians come and go, but only a few remembered for their great accomplishments. Niels Henrik Abel is one of the greatest mathematicians that have influenced modern mathematics, solving and creating theorems, like the Abelian-Ruffini theorem and Abel's theorem, and formulas/equations, like the abel equation, Abel’s inequality. He started discovering and creating these at a young age. Niels Abel was born in Norway, in a neighborhood parish, to Georg Abel, who was a pastor with a degree in theology and philosophy, and Anne Marie Simonsen, a daughter to a wealthy merchant. Abel was homeschooled by his father and was giving hand written books to study from. When Norway gained its independence, Georg Abel was elected to the Norwegian legislature, also known as the Storting, and George decided to send one of his sons to the cathedral school, at which Georg worked. The following year he sent his eldest son to the school. this was the first time Niels ever went to school. Niels started cathedral school at age 13 and was shared rooms and classes with older brothers. compared to his older brother, Niels didn't seem to be a prodigy because his brothers grades were far better than his own. Only when a new teacher, Bernt Holmboe, started at the school, did Niels begin to take interests in math and caught the attention of the new math teacher. Bernt began to give Niels higher level math and give him extra tutoring. after
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