Nigeri An Essential Requirement For Sustainable Agricultural Production Essay

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The southern Nigeria has abundant rainfall compare to the northern part. Water is an essential requirement for sustainable agricultural production. To meet the future food need, farmers would have to provide adequate water supply. Here is the map of Nigeria per annual rainfall—figure 3. Rainfall in Nigeria verities from season to season and there is a short dry season known as “August break”, which is usually experienced in the last two weeks of August.

Nigeria is a developing country and the most populous country in Africa. There has been always the quest to feed the needy. There is freedom to almost everything in the country. Most of the laws governing the environment are nearly inactive. Thus, making the country to suffer soil degradation. Almost every Nigerian is a farmer and children are being taught agriculture both in primary and junior secondary schools, but optional in senior secondary. Nigeria practices two types of agriculture, which are Industrialized or commercial and Subsistence Agriculture. Most families are subsistence farmers and they use improvised equipment. In the savannah region, animal husbandry dominates the agricultural practices, while in the forest vegetation is dominated with tuber crop.

As the years go by--the population kept increasing and the demand for food and industrial materials increases--the soil is being endangered. The activities of humans and the lack of laws or inactive laws is associated with this

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