Nigeria And Keny Corruption Essay

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Throughout the last 10 years, Nigeria and Kenya have been partly free. Corruption is the greatest indicator among both for the lack of democracy. In Nigeria, corruption stems from the problem with oil, it leads to political violence, repression and unchecked government power. In Kenya, corruption arises from economic interests, causing political instability and hindering development. In addition to that, both experience electoral corruption. Conversely, civil societies active participation in the government propels each country towards a “thicker” democracy. Even though Nigeria and Kenya are thin democracies, their high levels of corruption in their government inhibits their ability of becoming free democracies.
While both Kenya and Nigeria are partly free, historically, Kenya 's freedom score is lower than Nigeria 's. High levels of corruption are prevalent in both Nigeria and Kenya, however, the oil curse in Nigeria further stimulates corruption which impairs their countries democracy. Nigeria’s economy is the second largest in Africa and it continues to grow by 6% a year. This growth is dominated by the production of oil. Oil accounts for more than 98% of export revenues. Oil wealth is the main source of corruption in Nigeria, it encompasses political violence, and repression (Nigeria Freedom House). Diamond accounts that among the 23 countries dominated by oil today, none of them are democracies, he claims that democracy can begin to mature only when oil declines in a

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