Night Care Helps the Hair to Heal Essay

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For the entire day, the hair is exposed to many harmful factors: internal and external. And only came in the evening, free from it. Use the night to help the hair to heal faster and better breaks. Proper eye care-day promise healthy hair.

The main rule: night care should be organised. Only thus can we expect good results. Therefore, make sure that your hair every night to get the best of everything.

Silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases-not only the secrets of our grandmothers, use a silk pillowcase on the pillow and the modern experts recommend hair. This material is less abrasive than cotton fabrics, which gives a bit of friction and wipe the surface of the hair. Silk allows the hair to glide on the pillow, not attached and not slipping, …show more content…

That is, they do not need to clean the hair. For long straight hair can suggest a low ponytail. This will prevent Frizz in the morning, to keep the natural shine. But only on one condition: no chewing gum. In order to remove hair in a ponytail, braid or need to use a tape (preferably silk). Do not tie the hair in the morning is not a trace left of the string.

If your hair is long flowing, we had to work hard to keep curls bouncy and beautiful. For this, you need a little moisture and clips. Choose a lightweight plastic clip and leaves no traces on the hair. Fasten each curl around your finger and the securing clamps. In the morning you will be enough to remove the pin and shook his head-all the curls are well prepared and neatly.

Comb bed

After the daytime was subjected to various hair styling products, there is no better way to save them from these products compared to conventional combing. You should not attempt to famous 100 combed, but "work" need to comb. The benefits of natural bristle brush, big and flat in shape. Combing not only vycheshet lacquer and mousse for styling, but also flatten your hair before going to bed, protecting them from damage.

Ventilation the bedroom before sleeping

If the room where you sleep, too warm and stuffy, the hair will lose moisture and be obese, because sweat will stand. The air is very cold, in contrast, will make hair brittle and fragile, as well as remove moisture. Optimum temperature of

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