Night Of The Living Dead Analysis

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Erin Taylor Honors English 12 Ms Weeden September 20, 2017 88 Sentences Night of the Living Dead Analysis The 1968 cult classic, Night of the Living Dead, begins under the credits with brother and sister Johnny (Russell Streiner) and Barbara (Judith O’Dea) bickering about the long journey to rural Pennsylvania after arriving at a secluded cemetery to leave flowers on their father’s grave at their mother’s request. As they make their way back to the car, Johnny begins to tease Barbara. “They’re coming to get you, Barbara… They’re coming for you… Look, there’s one now!” A staggering, pale-faced figure (S. William Hinzman) approaches the two siblings and attacks Barbara. When Johnny comes to her rescue, he is killed during the struggle …show more content…

Citizens were encouraged to remain behind locked doors. As Ben drags the decaying body upstairs to one of the rooms, survivors who had been hiding in the cellar frighten Barbara as they enter the living room. Two of the five people hiding in the basement identify themselves as Harry Cooper (Karl Hardman) and Tom (Keith Wayne). The controlling, know-it-all Harry insists that the cellar was the safest place to be, while Ben insists that the cellar is a death trap. Harry’s wife Helen Cooper remains in the basement with their injured daughter Karen (Kyra Schon) while Tom brings his girlfriend Judy (Judith Ridley) upstairs. Ben tells Harry that he could be be boss down in the cellar, but up in the living room, Ben is in charge. The group then watches another broadcaster report that the “undead” were coming back to life and were seeking living victims. Space and military experts hypothesized that the ride of the dead was due to large amounts of radiation that had been brought into the atmosphere. The group attempts to escape the farmhouse, but their plan goes terribly wrong when they were trying to fill the truck with gas. While the truck’s tank is being filled, it catches on fire due to the discarded torch on the ground nearby. The truck explodes with both Tom and Judy in it. Ben races back to the house and kicks the door open after finding it locked. Outside, the undead feed on the remains of the

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