Analysis Of The Graveyard Book

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The Graveyard Book Essay

Fictional novels, in this case, The Graveyard Book, can teach us about ourselves. A fictional novel is imaginary and is not necessarily based true facts. The Graveyard Book was published in 2008 by Neil Gaiman. This book is about a normal boy named Nobody Owens but is known to his friends as Bod. Bod is raised in the graveyard by educated ghosts, a solitary guardian who is neither living nor dead and is under attack by the Man Jack. Two ideas that have been demonstrated throughout the novel is that life is full of endless possibilities and relationships are a key part of our identity. This novel teaches us about ourselves and the experiences that we have with our relationships with other people in our life with
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This novel teaches us about the endless possibilities of life that we can face and that we can keep trying until we succeed with the many opportunities that we have around us.

Throughout Gaiman’s fictional novel the idea relationships are a key part of our identity has been displayed. Bod’s relationships and ‘The Graveyard’ helped Bod find his identity of who he is. When Bod goes off to school and Silas ran over Simon “Silas said, I’ll take you home put your arms around my neck.” The low modality that has been displayed is the calm and helpful words, which has also created imagery for us to imagine what is going on when Silas helped Bod. At the beginning of chapter 7, Bod wanted to know about every Man Jack and his family so “Mrs. Owens reached out a hand, touched her son's shoulder. One day, she said … and then she hesitated. One day, she would not be able to touch him. One day, he would leave them. One day.” Gaiman has used repetition and ellipses to emphasize that ‘one day’ it will all happen and Miss Owens will not have the relationship with Bod anymore. Before Scarlett is going off to England for her dad to teach practical Science she said “you are brave, you are the bravest person I know, and you are my friend. I don’t care if you’re imaginary.” Gaiman has hyperbolized and repeated the word ‘brave’ to emphasize that people don’t judge you for what you look like. Everyone is unique. Throughout the novel, Bod’s relationships with people have helped him find his
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