Nike Social Responsibility Essay

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CSR or ”Corporate Social Responsibility” is a very important keyword for companies these days. Consumers are being more and more aware and conscious about where their clothes come from and how they are made. Consumers also put a lot of thought into where their food comes from, and how it has been produced and treated before it is served at the dinner table. With other words, consumers are demanding better quality and greater responsibility from the companies, than ever before. The consumers of the companies have never demanded as much as they do today from them, and never have companies needed put so much thought in their supply chains and to take this much responsibility for their production and their products. But improving sustainability …show more content…

They had to step up their game and change it. Nike started off by moving past the labor issues. Simon Zadek, the senior fellow at the Global Green Growth Institute and the International Institute of Sustainable Development, said that: “The company is participating in, facilitating, convening and financing initiatives to improve worker conditions in global supply chains”. Nike started some campaigns which put a focus on important crisis or issues. Their “Lace Up, Save Lives”-campaign, and their “Girl effect”- campaign boosted consumers believe in Nike improving themselves. By starting those campaigns and initiatives Nike reversed their current situation and changed their consumers view in the company. They regained their brand and made it even stronger, which led to regaining their consumer's trust. They were now able to reverse their situation and to get people’s attention away from the child labor shitstorm that had been going on. They did this by reaching out to their consumers and showing that they actually care about sustainability, being environmentally friendly, and that they realized, that they have a responsibly as a company. This had a positive effect on their customers and also on Nike's

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