Similarities And Differences Between Two Csr Companies

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The Similarity and Difference of Two CSR Companies

Currently, the public right is getting more and more people to recognize in order to create a fair society. Not only the right to have fair trade, but also the opportunity to access the natural environment are the issues that people are care for. Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) is a fame that encourages the company to consider the environment, financial and social issues into all their work of operations. Pret A Manger and Burgerville are the famous fast food company around the world. They also have high reputation to be excellent CSR company as they have done a lot for our community, environment and their employees, as well as the quality of food. There are some similarity and difference
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Pret A Manger places more emphasis on some practical measures. In the policy of creating a friendly society, Pret A Manger donates the sandwiches for the homeless people in London at the end of every day. Also, the homeless can have right to choose their sandwich which the company respect their dignity. Moreover, Pret A Manger launched a program to employ 30 homeless youngsters and give them 3-month job placements. After the program, more than a half of them would be stayed as employees. Therefore, Pret A Manger has a reputation of ethical company. Conversely, Burgerville places more effort to the sponsor way. Burgerville is one of the member in voucher program organized by a local charity in the community. People can have discount to buy anything in the Burgerville via the discount ticket which sticks on the voucher. It is so kind of Burgerville to sacrifice part of their profit in order to attract people to buy the voucher. As the result, the local charity has more donation and resource to help the needy. This sponsor for the local charity by Burgerville contrasts with the Pret A Manger’s program of providing practical things for the
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