Nike : Sustainability And Labour Practises

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We are facing various social, economic, environment challenges today which are getting worse day by day, it may also include rapidly increasing population, and most important unprecedented macroeconomic stress. In order to save the world from a potential catastrophe, we have to make significant changes in our behaviour as well as the system we are in. There is an escalating global movement to address all the issues which may question the sustainability of an organisations. Sustainability of organisations, nations, humanity is becoming a primary goal of the individuals and groups in all the different sectors anyone can think of. Leaders are very keen to launch new sustainability initiatives on a daily basis in order to make the surroundings more sustainable in nature. So now in this report which is based on the case study of “Nike: sustainability and labour practises”. This case illustrates that Nike was found guilty regarding the labour practises the company was following which the reason for the external criticism Nike had to face around the world during 1990 and 2000. The main purpose of this report is to study the sustainable initiatives Nike had to take to tackle these issues and further how much those steps are similar to the theory regarding the sustainability of the organisations.
Sustainability when we try to understand in the context of corporate is recognizing that the corporation’s long

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