Nikki Sears. Breakage Of The Laws Of Hospitality. 23 Feb.

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Nikki Sears Breakage of the Laws of Hospitality 23 Feb. 2017 Mythology Professor Powers Nearly every myth has a central theme, whether it be finding honor, reclaiming the thrown, how the earth was created or finding ones’ true purpose. Hospitality was a very important value in some myths. Xenia is the ancient Greek concept of hospitality. The rituals of hospitality created and expressed a relationship between the guest and host both in material benefits as well as non-material ones. Now depending on the area and time of the myth, the laws of hospitality has changed, but overall it remains the same. Hospitality allowed people to be a guest is someone else’s home with no fear of conflict or violence. A well-known myth from Greek…show more content…
The Tradition of Hospitality article states that “all householders were obliged by law to provide food, drink, a bed and entertainment to anyone who appeared on the doorstep” (Niafer 1). The ancient Irish’s discouraged those who betrayed their role as host to any guests who requested. “The Long Life of Tuan McCarrell” is a myth centered on the hospitality you are supposed to show. In the myth, Finnan, an old man in the Kingdom of Donegal, travels to the fort of Tuan Mac Carrell. He faces not with challenges of others, but by nature. Once Finnan arrived he sent a message to the chieftain, Tuan Mac Carrell, saying that he wished to enter the fort and speak to him. In response, he was told to return to where he belonged and that they cared little for the new religion he was proposing. However, Finnan remained strong and stayed outside the fort for days in the blowing snow. Inside the fort, the chieftain was faced with the scorn of his people because it was against the laws to forbid a hospitality. The chieftain eventually realized wrong he had done and had Finnan brought into his fort. Once Finnan was inside the chieftain expressed his sorrow and sought forgiveness for his crime. Finnan forgave him after he could speak to the tribe of Mac Carrell. Typically, in ancient Ireland, a breakage of hospitality was considered a great embarrassment because wealth was judged based on what one gave
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