Nikola Tesla, a Mastermind in Wireless Energy Essays

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Tesla and Wireless Energy Nikola Tesla a man enshrouded in mystery that had been forgotten in history. He was a mastermind of inventions and innovations. He alone created alternating currents and generators, a way to freely transmit electricity, and an idea of free wireless energy for all. If Tesla had more of a chance to finish his crowning achievement it everyone could have free wireless energy. Nikola Tesla was born on July 9, 1856, in Croatia under a thunderstorm. Tesla’s Father and Mother were Serbian. His Father was a priest at an East orthodox church while his Mother did sowing at home. During that time boys had two options; to either join the army, or become a priest. His Father was eager for him to become part of the church so …show more content…

Tesla’s Father moved to Gospic and Tesla became even more distressed because of his love of his old village. His father had done more training to increase his memory of the bible; but moreover Tesla had found something intriguing to him a shelf of books in the back of the church that Tesla enjoyed reading to pass the time. Tesla also developed strange likes, dislikes and habits. At the age of 12 Tesla found a Serbian translation of a book called Abifi. “Abifi in the beginning of the Novel is unruly at the beginning but ends dying as a hero for his prince and country.” Inspired by this Tesla used his will to begin to control his visions, and use them for more productive purposes that will help him on designs. Soon after Tesla had begun elementary school. Tesla excelled at school, and during school became ill. So ill that doctors and physicians gave up on Tesla (they didn’t whether or not it was related to his visions or that he had visions), but recuperated slowly while reading books that the local library had sent in volumes. After he completed his studies at Karlovac, Tesla went home to Gospic. When he returned there was an epidemic of cholera. Tesla fell ill and fought the multitude of sicknesses and diseases for nine months. He was bed ridden and fell into “dropsy pulmonary trouble” (TESLA) until his coffin was ordered. One night when Tesla was near death, his father rushed in to his side and

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