Nineteenth Century Americ A Bleak Portrayal Of The Sociopolitical Scene

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Seventeenth Century America: A Bleak Portrayal of the Sociopolitical Scene Puritan Faith
Puritan New England experienced one of the most peculiarly memorable historical events of all time. The Salem Witchcraft trials of 1692 remain prominently embodied in the long and colorful history of New England, stretching back into the pre-colonial period. In the grand scheme of things, the Salem trials were the results of a long struggle between the mainstream catholic faith and the early Protestants. It is worth to mention from this outset that Catholicism had spread all over Europe by the eleventh century and majority of the people supported and accepted the leadership of the pope and the catholic doctrine (Peterson …show more content…

After its separation from Catholicism, the Anglican Church retained some of the old practices of Catholicism and many Anglican followers believed that the church needed to be cleansed from these influences. England was under the leadership of the Stuart monarchy that heavily relied on the Catholic Church in many ways. As a result, the monarchs had little incentive to limit the influence of the Catholic Church or even to reform the Anglican Church. This reluctance to take any meaningful step in ‘cleansing’ the church created a source of conflict and many Puritans harbored strong desire to practice a different type of faith (Peterson 19). Since the entire England was under tight supervision of the kings, the new faith needed a new home, the colonies that were rarely monitored. By 1630, many Puritans had rearranged their resources and moved to the Massachusetts Bay colony where they formed their new home (New England) (Demos 17). The town of Salem, which translates to perfect peace, became the most popular within the colony because it housed many religious ministers and the largest church. The new faith was built around the belief that God had ordered the new Puritans into a new covenant to reform the Anglican Church and live more perfect lives according to the scriptures. Strangers were not tolerated, and they were required to convert into the new faith or risk excommunication. A group of predestined elect who

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