Nintendo: Great Impact on gaming Essay

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Nintendo: Great impact on gaming

Video gaming has evolved enormously over the years. A variety of advancements in technology has affected gaming and the experience for gamers. Nintendo has been involved in changing the nature of gaming over the years; from playing cards to household video game systems, to now having the convenience of playing your video games on portable handheld consoles. Nintendo has been a leader in driving the advancements of video game systems.

Before any electronic gaming was created, Nintendo had created playing cards. The very first being Hanafuda cards which were created in 1889 by Fusajro Yamauchi (Nintendo,
Nintendo History). These were flower cards and each card represented one month of the year …show more content…

This offered more opportunities for gaming and allowed for a more active experience.
The remote was wireless (took two double A batteries), and was designed to easily fit in one of your hands while playing. A plug-in port is located at the bottom of the remote in order to be able to attach accessories, such as the nun-chuck which comes with the Wii for more interactive games. The Wii comes with Wii Sports game to allow gamers to experience the new motion sensing technology (MarioWiki). The discs are much similar to the regular DVD discs and games save automatically on the Wii system so there is no more need for memory cards (unless you want extra storage) (MarioWiki). The Wii is also capable of playing GameCube games
(MarioWiki). The system has Wifi compatibilities which allows users to play online with other players, and also allows them to purchase games online (MarioWiki).

The Wii is also set up differently. When the console is turned on, you are directed to a menu where you have the option to do a variety of things. You can choose to play the game you have put in, or you could visit one of them many channels: Photos, News, Forecast, Internet, Mii and more if you purchased something online. In November 2012, Nintendo launched Wii U
(Nintendo, Wii U Gamepad). The Wii U was basically the same as the Wii but with many more added features. You could still play Wii games on the newer system, but could no longer play any GameCube games (Nintendo, Wii U

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