Nlrb On Behalf Of Mrs. Dawn Vs. American Medical Response Of Connecticut Company Essay

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Case Title : NLRB on behalf of Mrs. Dawn vs. American Medical Response of Connecticut Company Case number: 34-CA-012576 Date Opened: 01/19/2010 Status: closed Presentation of the Case The case filed by NLRB was between the American Medical Response of Connecticut in New Haven and one of their employees called Mrs. Dawn. Upon verbal disagreement with her supervisor, Mrs. Dawn posted a negative remark on her private facebook wall about the supervisor. The remark attracted comments from her staff mates. On reporting to work the following day, she was suspended and later fired. The company argued that her act was a violation of their internet policy by criticizing her overseer online. The Hartford NLRB office filed a complaint of unlawful dismissal of Mrs. Dawn stating that the party was involved in protected concerted activity on Facebook at the time when she criticized her senior. In addition, NLRB identified several unlawful provisions within the company’s manual of conduct. However, before hearing, the company opted for an out of court settlement with Mrs. Dawn besides revising their unlawful provisions in their handbook. Rationale of the NLRB Decision I agree with NLRB’s decision since Dawn activity can be classified as a concerted activity. Reflectively, a concerted activity is that which involves an employee expressing views t other employees with the intention of either criticizing or suggesting an alternative response to mistreatment at place of work.

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