No Angel by Bernie Mcgill

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No Angel by Bernie McGill The short story “No Angel” is written by Bernie McGill and published in 2010. The story is about loosing someone you love, and not wanting to let go of that someone. Loosing someone you love can be really hard. On the one hand you want to let that person go, and move on, but on the other hand you would like to remember that person. Maybe you are afraid of the loneliness and acknowledging their death, which will come when letting go. When you are so consumed with grief, it is often very hard to think straight, and you get yourself so convinced that your beloved one is still alive, and a part of your daily life, that you forget the reality. This is the kind of situation the main character Annie has to deal with…show more content…
He is very prejudiced towards Thomas, he thinks that he had something to do with Robbie’s dead, given that they where against each other political. About this he states, “Have you forgotten what they did to your brother, Annie? The way they left him lying on the load the a bag of rubbish the binmen had forgotten to lift?” He is very old-fashioned, and was always very disappointed in Robbie, for not being like himself: “My brother Robbie wasn’t the son my father had in mind for himself.” Instead Robbie was loud, drank too much and didn’t care what other people were thinking about him. Annie describes how the eighties where a hard time for Ireland. There were a lot of conflicts, and bombings between the republicans and the democrats, which again backs up the theory that Thomas and Annie’s dad, were disagreeing. When Annie says that Thomas had nothing to do with Robbie being murdered, he responds: “Him or his kind. It makes no difference between them.” The story makes us believe that the supernatural actually exists, and the audience is made aware of that. Ghost do not exists however the story makes us believe in the unreal, and challenges of to make up an explanation as to why Annie keeps seeing her father. It is also used as an example of her loneliness, and sadness regarding her father’s dead. The themes of this

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